Double Bag Setup

A Treegator Original Double Bag setup is when two (2) single Treegator Original bags are zipped together back-to-back.

When to Use a Double Bag Setup

  • When watering a newly planted tree from 10 to 20 cm (4 to 8 inch) caliper (trunk diameter), wrap a Double Bag setup around trunk.
  • When watering older established trees with fully developed root systems, a Double Bag setup can also be used as a stand-alone watering solution (i.e. not wrapped around a trunk - contact us for additional details on this configuration).

Double Bag Setup Capacity

When two Treegator Original Bags are zipped together back-to-back, it allows each bag to expand more than it normally would when zipped to itself around the trunk of a tree (Single Bag setup).

The amount of water each Treegator Original Bag can hold when used in a Double bag setup is dependent upon the caliper of the tree it is being used on.

The chart below shows the water capacity range of a Double Bag setup:

Trunk Caliper
Approx. Water Capacity Per BagApprox. Water Capacity Per Double Bag Setup
0 cm
(0 inch)
(stand-alone / not wrapped around trunk)
95 litres
(25 gallons)
190 litres
(50 gallons)
10 cm
(4 inch)
89 litres
(23.5 gallons)
178 litres
(47 gallons)
12 cm
(5 inch)
87 litres
(23.125 gallons)
175 litres
(46.25 gallons)
15 cm
(6 inch)
86 litres
(22.75 gallons)
172 litres
(45.5 gallons)
(7 inch)
84 litres
(22.375 gallons)
169 litres
(44.75 gallons)
20 cm
(8 inch)
82 litres
(22 gallons)
166 litres
(44 gallons)