Treegator Original

Treegator Original for shade or street trees. Treegator Junior PRO for low-branch trees, shrubs or evergreens.

The Original Watering Bag

Treegator Slow Release Watering Bags are the fastest, most efficient way to properly water a newly planted trees or shrubs.

Treegator Original is ideal for trees from 2 to 20 cm (1 to 8 inch) in diameter with branches beginning at least 60 cm (25 inch) from the ground or higher.

Treegator Junior Pro is perfect trees or shrubs up to 12 cm (5 inch) trunk diameter with branches beginning at least 15 cm (6 inch) from the ground or higher.

Efficiency Reduces Contract Labour Costs

Treegator Slow Release Watering Bags are so efficient, that after only about 6 to 7 weeks of use, (or approximately 15 fills ) the bags have more than paid for themselves.

Compared to conventional watering methods, using Treegator Slow Release Watering Bags can save hundreds of dollars in labour costs alone.

Watering Variables Conventional Treegator
Frequency 4 times per week Once per week
Duration +15 minutes 1-2 minutes
Weekly Labour Cost
(Pay at $20 / hr)
(per tree / per visit)
(per tree / per visit)
Monthly Labour Cost
(4 weeks / month)
(per tree / per month)
(per tree / per visit)

Using these variables, if you water 20 trees over a period of four months, you save more than $6,000 in labour costs!

Use the bags once on a single job, then you can discard or leave them with the client. Even after subtracting the cost of the Treegator Bags*, you would still save $5,200. More than enough to cover the cost of another 20 Treegator Bags for another job, with over $4,000 left in your pocket!

Scientifically Proven Results

Treegator performance is backed by science with published scientific results from two separate research studies.

Studies show that transplant shock following the transplanting of large trees can be minimized by applying a combination of selective pruning and irrigation with Treegator Slow Release Watering Bags.

A comparison of soil moisture, survival and growth of street trees with and without Treegator, as well as comparing the incidence of vandalism on Treegator Bags in diverse neighborhoods in Lansing and Detroit, MI.

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Treegator professional watering

It's How You Work

Treegator Slow Release Watering Bags are designed for industry professionals.

Works on Your Schedule

Treegator's patented design provides effective watering by efficiently delivering deep water saturation in less than 12 hours. Just fill up in the morning, and it will efficiently water your trees before the end of the day!

Since Treegator provides deep water saturation with each application, you only have to fill it once a week for most new tree plantings.

Works with any Employee

Our patented design makes watering so easy anyone can use it. No complicated nozzles, fittings, pipes, wood stakes or timers.

Just wrap a Treegator bag around your tree, zip it up, and fill with water.

Works Wherever You do

Treegator is a portable, lightweight irrigation system in a bag, and can be folded or rolled up for easy transport or storage.

Water your trees efficiently, then move on to the next job. When empty, simply unzip them, and take them to another job, or store.

Works for Years... Guaranteed

Treegator is made in the USA of high-quality UV protected plastics, and backed by a 5-Year (Treegator Original) or 3-Year (Treegator Junior Pro) limited manufacturer's warranty.

Use Treegator on newly planted trees for the first one or two seasons to get them off to a healthy start. Then, use as a supplemental watering device (especially during times of drought or stress).